*Mindfulness with others starts with mindfulness with yourself
In order to create a peaceful and respectful space for both sides, I would like to acquaint you with my customs…

*My massages are receptive massage pleasures.
During the massage you remain in a passive-enjoyment role.

*I kindly ask you to refrain from requests for further services (GV, OV, what ever). 
These will not be fulfilled by me in any way!

*In order to be able to prepare me accordingly for you, I ask for timely appointment arrangement (gladly some days in advance).
The sooner you contact me, the more likely it is that you will be able to make the appointment you want.

In the tantric form of massage the whole body is caressed, touched and massaged. To be touched is an elementary need of every human being and a lack of touch can actually make you ill. Lust and sensuality are included in a tantric massage, as the sexual nature of the person should not be suppressed.

The room in which the Tantra massage is to be carried out will be pleasantly tempered and atmospherically illuminated. In this way it will be ensured that you feel comfortable and secure during the massage. Candles or a sensual scent can also help to get you into the right mood for this erotic experience. The massage itself can then be performed with fragrant essential oils. Feathers or silk cloths can also be used for this. 

A tantra massage can have a different duration, but usually not be shorter than one hour.

There are different types and forms of tantric massage. The white and the red Tantra can be roughly distinguished from each other. In the first form, the focus is on releasing inner blockages and finding one’s way back to oneself. With the red Tantra massage, on the other hand, the emphasis is on physical contact.

The Tantra massage knows the subtypes of the Lingam massage and the Yoni massage. These two types of massage are devoted to the male and female sex organs. Tantra massage must also be distinguished from wellness massage. Closely related to the tantric massage is the erotic massage. Here you will find out what lies behind the terms erotic massage & co.

Tantra massage is a ritual form of massage that is about finding the spiritual path to ecstasy and learning to perceive one’s own body more intensely. The term Tantra originates from the Indian Sanskrit and means translated into English as “connection” or “expansion”. Through Tantra, body and mind are to be interwoven with each other and merge into a unity. Through Tantra massages you can get to know your body in a completely new way and broaden your erotic horizon. There are different tantric rituals, of which the massage is only one.

The aim of the Tantra massage is to increase your own sensitivity and to enjoy it holistically. With this form of massage you can, but do not necessarily, experience an orgasm. The Tantra masseur is extremely attentive and intuitively feels what you need and want. During tantric rituals there is a high energy density, which you will feel all over your body.

With the Lingam massage the attention of the massage session is put on the male genital area. Similar to the term “Tantra”, the term “Lingam” comes from Sanskrit and refers to the entire male genital area. Like the Tantra massage, the Lingam massage is sensual, energizing and involves both body and mind in the massage.

In the Lingam massage the man’s testicles, penis and prostate are lovingly honoured, whereby a union of body, mind and soul is to be achieved in the man. A Lingam massage should open up completely new horizons of pleasure for you.

The Yoni Massage is also a part of the Tantra Massage. This type of massage focuses on the woman and her primary sexual organs. The course of the Yoni massage is influenced by Tantra, chakra teachings and Taoism. When the woman is ready and relaxed, she can receive an erotic massage with holistic aspects in the form of a yoni massage.

The classic Yoni massage procedure includes around 23 different massage techniques that revolve around the vulva, clitoris, labia and G-spot. Through the Yoni massage the woman becomes more aware of her own sexuality and is at best able to articulate her desires and lust better after the massage. As with the Lingam massage, but the Yoni massage can not necessarily lead to an orgasm.

Conclusion: The tantric massage, the erotic massage, the wellness massage, as well as the yoni and lingam massage have many advantages for body and mind and can be easily combined with each other.