Tantra in a different way


Discover your sense of pleasure

General Information

Dear guest,

so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth course and a relaxed time out, we ask you to take a short look at our customs.

If you are curious, you can also inform yourself here in advance about our session.

If you have any personal questions, we will be happy to answer them by telephone or in a preliminary talk.

See you soon, Helen and Lara.

Tantra Massage Helen

Rules and Process


*Mindfulness with others starts with mindfulness with yourself
In order to create a peaceful and respectful space for both sides, we would like to acquaint you with our customs…
*Our massages are receptive massage pleasures.
During the massage you remain in a passive-enjoyment role.
*We kindly ask you to refrain from requests for further services (GV, OV, what ever).
These will not be fulfilled by us in any way!
*In order to be able to prepare us accordingly for you, we ask for timely appointment arrangement (gladly some days in advance).
The sooner you contact us, the more likely it is that you will be able to make the appointment you want.
*The little Tantriker – knowledge worth knowing about the course of events 
So that you don’t get cold feet, keep your curiosity and get a taste of our wonderful encounter…
*The pre-talk – arrive and breathe through…
We are happy to give you enough space and time for your questions and wishes. With a drink of your choice you can arrive at your leisure and discuss the next steps with us.
*Off to the shower – a wonderful feeling…
We place great value on hygiene and cleanliness. We expect the same from our guests. You are welcome to enjoy a refreshing shower before and after each massage. We will provide you with a clean towel, a fresh lunghi and shower articles.
*Now it’s getting sensual – why one look says more than a thousand words…
We introduce our massages with a beautiful welcome ritual. Here you as a man are lovingly worshipped and attentively led into the following session.
*Dive-down – recharge – get started – a feeling you have to experience for yourself…
No massage is like the other. It is as individual as you are. Sometimes dreamy and relaxing, sometimes wild and full of desire. 
Go towards yourself with curiosity. We will accompany you.
*Lucky Lingam – we’ll put a smile on your crotch…
Always full of respect, charming, frivolous, playful, loving, lustful, sensual, dreamy, sensitive, demanding,…
Whatever it is, we feel it right out of you. A fulfilling lingam massage is a little tango. Closeness and distance. Storm and calm. Ebb and flow. A climax may be but is not demanded by bending and breaking. Rather, it is about a deep immersion into feeling.
*In tranquillity lies the power…
After your moment of pleasure, we say goodbye to you with a little washing ritual. In the following rest break, you are allowed to feel the effects for a while.