Tantra in a different way

LARA - Born to be kinky- delightfully crazy

Discover your sense of pleasure


As a quite extraordinary specimen of the female species, I am looking forward to discovering and conquering you.

My affinity for human beings and my penchant for complex, strong personalities enable me to respond to you and your needs accordingly.

My way of celebrating your masculinity and enjoying you is unique, multi-faceted and always authentic.

Sensuality has many faces. Which one are you?
Let’s find out!

Sincerely, Lara;)

Tantra Massage Lara

Massages for every wish


The curious one
(1 Hour/150€)

If you have never enjoyed a tantric massage before and would like to try something new, we offer you a shortened version here.

The classic
(1,5 Hours/200€)

This variant invites you to let your soul dangle and dream. Since we have a larger time window here, we can incorporate gimmicks with tantric equipment.

The pleasure lover
(2 Hours/250€)

You are a great connoisseur and want to be swallowed up with skin and hair? Then this form invites you to freestyle. We are happy to set individual focal points here.

The Hedonist
(2,5 Hours/300€)

You want to take off completely? This variant will catapult you into the lustful Nirvana.
Space and time you leave behind you...

About me

Lara, Tantra masseuse

Tantra Massage Lara

Dive-down - refuel - start through

Where? - On my mat! Your personal hotspot for perfect power napping.

I would also like to invite you to a sensual time-out if you:

* Want to give up leadership and responsibility for a moment
* You want to feel and not perform
* You have to recharge your battery

Let yourself be inspired by my authentic mixture of classical massage and Tantra: Appreciative, touching and sweet and wild!

Tantra Massage Lara

I wish you a wonderful journey to yourself, on which I will guide and accompany you.

Together with you I am looking forward to discover new facets of you, to play with them and to model them.

As a tool I use not only my two wonderful hands, but also my hair, my ingenious female body, my breath, feathers and fans...

* Let my senses intoxicate you
* Sink into bliss
* Get high and get out

Sincerely, Lara;)

Sensory rapture - in the frenzy of bliss