Helen Tantra
Tantra neu erleben


Come in, let yourself be enchanted and immerse ourselves in the harmonious world of sensuality for the duration of your stay.

My wish is to give you the love, warmth, and security you are looking for and deserve through my massage.

For during your stay, my whole being, my whole soul will gather in my fingers and hands. In this way, a massage becomes an unforgettable experience that lets you fall into a deep meditation, from which you can continue on your way refreshed and strengthened.

Yours, Helen

Namaste, dear guest

Come in and let us immerse ourselves in the harmonious world of sensuality and security for the duration of your stay.

The combination of security, sensuality and sexuality, with the deep roots of our spirituality, gives my massage a meaning that goes beyond pure physicality.

The whole body is massaged, worshiped and touched on the Yin and Yang sides. The massage awakens the body's energies and brings them into balance.

From this relaxation, deep sensual pleasure can spread throughout the body, from which you can go back to your path refreshed and strengthened.

Service:: Massages | Languages: German, English | Appointments are possible from 1 hour

My opening hours | Appointments by appointment

I recommend that you please make an appointment a few days in advance. No GV/OV