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Intoxication of the senses – in the frenzy of bliss

With me, you can get massages to all your wishes from 180,- € for 60 minutes

Here you can find my different massages. Choose the massage that suits your needs and book your appointment directly via WhatsApp. You can find the link to my contact directly at my massages.

Your way to relaxation

1 hour | 180 Euro
Are you on your lunch break or don't have much time? You've never had a tantric massage before? But you want to give it a try? Then this shortened version for 1 hour is just right for you to escape everyday life for a short time.

1 hour 30 minutes | 220 Euro

If you want to start the day full of relaxation or simply end it in a longer relaxing massage, then this variant is just right for you.

This variant is suitable for those who have already enjoyed a tantric massage a few times and are looking for the balance between time and relaxation. It is for those who want to enjoy this even during the extended lunch break.

2 hours | 270 Euro

You want to enjoy tantra with every fiber of your being. You love it when people take care of you and every part of your body for a longer period of time. You will enjoy the welcome ritual to the fullest and the individual massages of the different body regions. You form a deep bond with the masseuse and let yourself go completely.

At the end of the massage, you will have enough time to find your way back to everyday life, without haste and without stress.

2 hours 30 minutes | 320 Euro

You live and love Tantra. You grasp the massage with all the senses of your body and mind. You perceive every single moment and receive the benefits of the masseuse in its entirety and to the fullest extent with every fiber of your being.

You slowly slip into the massage and are accompanied out of it just as slowly.

Credit notes

You could also buy vouchers from me. Ideal as a gift.

To ensure that your massage is a complete pleasure and that I can fully concentrate on you, there are a few rules. To avoid misunderstandings, please read my rules and the course of the massages carefully.

To the procedure and my rules